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Call for Students: DUO- Korea Fellowship

Kyungpook National University is offering scholarships for students, who would like to participate in the exchange programme in 2017/2018. the scholarship is 4000Euro for 1 semester.

All interested should prepare until 26 of April:

  1. Filling out an online application Form ONLY.
  2. A copy of passport of paired applicants (a copy of national registration card for Koreans or citizen card for Europeans are acceptable),
  3. A copy of transcript of paired applicants by uploading to the website with scanned files (including the grades until fall semester 2016)
  4. A motivation letter of each of the paired applicants by uploading to the website (the form is on the website www.asemduo.org).

and send all the documents to Barbara Kratiuk (bkkratiuk@uw.edu.pl)
Please fill out (where apprpriate) the attached documents