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Global Korea Scholarship

Deadline: 21 December 1pm – Barbara Kratiuk (please provide all the documents in paper copy as well as PDF)
There is a call for students, who would like to study in South Korea with a scholarship available.


○    Students have to be undergraduate students; foreign nationals from KNU’s partner universities. Also, students who are currently studying in Korea cannot apply for GKS program.

○    Students who have a GPA over 80 out of 100.

○    Students must have completed at least two semesters in the home university.

○    Students participating in the KNU regular exchange student course. Students who only take the Korean language course at KNU cannot apply for GKS program.

○    Students who have never received a scholarship from the Korean government in the past.

○    Students who will take at least one (1) course (two or more credits) related to Korean language or Korean culture during the semester.

○    Students who do not have dual citizenship including Korean nationality.


If you win this, you will get —

○    Settlement allowance: KRW200,000 (Just for once)

○    Monthly allowance: KRW500,000

One-semester exchange student will get the monthly allowance until June, 2018 and one-year exchange student will get the monthly allowance until December, 2018 (allowance for the last month can be less than KRW500,000)

○    Round-trip airfare: TBA, set amount for each country (the airfare only covers trip between home country and Korea, and stop-over for personal purpose is not covered by the scholarship. Additionally, it only covers if you return to your home directly from Korea within 30 days from the date of official end date of the semester)

○    Medical insurance in Korea : KRW20,000 per month



For us to nominate you for the scholarship, we need you to submit a series of documents to the government as mentioned below. NIIED will evaluate your materials based on their own assessment criteria. For more details, please refer to Page 4.

1)  Official transcript (Required)

2)  Study Plan (Required)

3)  Personal Statement (Required)

4)  Official Test Result for Foreign Language (Option)

5)  Records of Reward  (Required)

6)  Letter of Recommendation  (Required)


These documents should include items below,

1) Official transcript

–      Your GPA has to be converted to 100 points scales or 4.0/4.3/4.5/5.0 scales. NIIED DO NOT accepts any Official transcript with ECTS scales. ECTS transcripts will not be acceptable and students who submit ECTS transcripts will not be considered for nomination.

2) Study Plan (in English or Korean)

–      The reasons and motivation why you decided to study in Korea

–      Goals you want to achieve in Korea academically and personally

–      Within 3 pages in A4 (Please refer to the attachment)

–      Size of the font : 11pt, Line spacing : 160%


3) Personal Statement (in English or Korean)

–      Basic information about yourself

–      Extracurricular activities, if any

–      Volunteer activities, if any

–      Future goal or plan after study in Korea and graduation

–      Within 3 pages in A4 (Please refer to the attachment)

–      Size of the font : 11pt, Line spacing : 160%


4) Official Test Result for Foreign Language

–      Score sheet of any foreign language test (issued within two years)

–      i.e. TOPIK(Korean), TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS for non-native English speaker

–      Test result for any language except for your native language can be accepted

–      NIIED do not accept result of test that conducted by the university itself.


5) Records of Reward

–      List of awards you’ve achieved and proof or certificates


6) Letter of Recommendation

–      Anyone at your university (academic or admin staff) can write this letter.

–      We do not accept a letter of recommendation from your university which was written perfunctorily in order to get a scholarship

–      Please have it scanned and send a copy with other documents.

When you write 1)Study Plan and 2)Personal Statement, 5)Records of Reward 6)Letter of Recommendation, DO NOT indicate Kyungpook National University (KNU) for fair judgment.


Assessment Criteria Points (total 100)
Official transcript 50
Official Test Result for

Foreign Language

Study Plan 10
Personal Statement 10
Records of Reward

and Letter of Recommendation


l  According to the NIIED criteria, 10 points will be added for those from ODA countries (Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Senegal, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay).



I need these documents in Word or Pdf. format by e-mail by 1pm, Thursday, December 21, 2017 (GMT+9)

Applications and supporting materials received after the deadlines will NOT be considered.

I really don’t want to disturb your holidays, but please understand that the nomination schedule is very very tight.


Lastly, students who get GKS scholarship are not eligible for dorm scholarship since duplication of benefits is strongly prohibited.