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Nowa publikacja Dr Grzebyk i Dr Madeja o dronach

Nowa publikacja Dr Grzebyk i Dr Madeja o dronach

Nakładem Wydawnictwa Ashgate ukazała się książka  Legitimacy and Drones. Investigating the Legality, Morality and Efficacy of UCAV (red. Steven Barela), której współautorami są dr Patrycja Grzebyk oraz dr Marek Madej.

Oto abstrakty rozdziałów pracowników ISM:

Patrycja Grzebyk, Who Can Be Killed? Targets in Non-International Armed Conflicts

Combat drones are weapons, and not unique from a legal point of view. However, there continue to be particular difficulties in identifying legal targets in non-international armed conflicts and this chapter addresses those challenges. It delves into the problems related to the principle of distinction between those engaging in hostilities (members of armed groups with a continuous combat function) and civilians who do not directly participate. Additionally, there will be a discussion of the elimination v. the neutralization of legitimate targets i.e. the obligation to capture if possible.

Marek Madej, Tactical Efficacy: Notorious UCAVs and Lawfare

This chapter will start with a brief overview of the current state of technological development of UAVs in use worldwide. Then the actual and potential advantages and limitations of that category of military equipment will be discussed, with particular attention devoted to decisive factors for their effectiveness as a tool of disruption and elimination of targets assumed hostile (combatants, terrorists). To conclude, the question of so-called ‚lawfare’ against entities using drones will be considered, with an analysis of practical implications for tactical efficacy of UAVs operations, including the implications of such weapons becoming more autonomous.

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